Turkish Breakfast 39.50 TL
(Fresh Orange Juice, Marmalade, Honey, White Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Olives, Menemen (Egg With Tomato, Onion & Pepper), Bread & Butter, Coffee,  Tea)
Continental Breakfast 19.50 TL
(Fresh Orange Juice, Marmalade, Honey, Bread & Butter, Tea Or Coffe)
English Breakfast 32.50 TL
(Two Fried Eggs, Two Sausages, Fried Potatoes, Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, Mushroom, Bread & Butter, Tea Or Coffe)
Omelette Breakfast 29.50 TL
(Cheese Omelette, Fried Potatoes, Baked Beans, Fried Mushroom, Bread And Butter, Coffee Or Tea)
Sailors Breakfast 30.00 TL
(Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Tomato, Baked Beans, Fried Potatoes, Bread And Butter, Coffee Or Tea)
Healthy Breakfast 29.50 TL
(Musli With Gruel, Walnut, Almond, Sun Flower Seeds, Dried Fruits And Honey, Yoghurt & Brown Bread, Tea Or Coffee)
Vegetarian Breakfast 27.50 TL
(Two Fried Eggs, Bakedbeans, Fried Potatoes, Mushroom, Tomato, Coffee Or Tea)


Bacon & Fried Egg 12.50 TL
Hotchocolate 8.50 TL
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese 17.50 TL
(İn wrap )


Chicken & Mozzarella 14.50 TL
Goat Cheese And Brown Bread 12.50 TL
Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato 11.50 TL
Mozzerella Cheese & Tomato 11.50 TL
Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato 15.00 TL
Chicken & Mozzarella 19.50 TL
Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato 16.50 TL
Goat Cheese and Brown Bread 17.50 TL
Bacon& Fried Egg 21.50 TL


Bruschetta 9.50 TL
(With Mozzarella And Tomato) (V)
Octopus Carpaccio 52.50 TL
(With Mediterranean Herbage)
Gravad Lax 39.50 TL
(Served With Brown Bread &Butter)
Melon And Parma Ham 36.50 TL
Meze Plate 25.00 TL
(With Cacık, Humus, Ezme, Olive And White Cheese)
Caprese Salad 25.00 TL
(Mozzarella & Fresh Tomato & Basil)
Cheese Tray 52.50 TL
(Cumin Gouda, Blue Cheese, Gruyere Cheese, Parmesan, Tulum, Walnut And Fruit)
Mediterranean Vegetables 26.50 TL
(Cooked In Olive Oil) (V)
Beef Carpaccio 35.00 TL
With parmesan and rocket


Onion Soup 17.50 TL
Lentil & Carrot Soup 16.50 TL
Seafood Soup 29.50 TL

Warm Appetizers

Grilled Octopus 49.50 TL
(With Garlic Olive Oil)
Albanian Style Fried Liver 32.50 TL
(With Parsley & Onion Salad)
Fisherman’s Plate 57.50 TL
(Grilled Octopus, Calamari And Shrimps)
Chinese Spring Rolls 22.50 TL
(With Sweet & Chili Sauce)
Grilled Goat’s Cheese 24.50 TL
(With Marinated Beetroot)
Lamb Meatball & Cacık 24.50 TL
(Served With Pide Bread)
Grilled Or Fried Calamari 45.00 TL
(With Tartar Sauce)
Quinoa Balls 25.00 TL
(With Chilli Tomato Salad)
Breaded Mussel 14.50 TL
(With Chilli Mayonnaise)
Fish Fingers 34.50 TL
(With Tartar Sauce)
Sesame Chicken 22.50 TL
(With Sweet & Chili Sauce)
Tapas Plate 38.50 TL
(potato wedges, onion rings, chicken nugget, fried mozzarella, chinese spring rolls)
Seafood Kokoreç 47.50 TL
Seasoned well-chopped calamari,octopus and fish


Octopus Salad 49.50 TL
(With Lemon And Chilli Dressing)
Mediterranean Salad 25.00 TL
(With Tomato, Onion, Rocket & Feta Cheese)
Beef Salad 46.50 TL
(With Green Salad)
Mixed Grilled Seafood Salad 49.50 TL
(With Green Salad)
Grilled Halloumi Cheese & Salad 24.50 TL
Grilled Chicken Salad 25.00 TL
(With Mixed Fresh Salad)
Mixed Fresh Season Salad 18.50 TL
Duck Salad 34.50 TL
(With Plum Sauce)
Pineapple Salad 28.50 TL
(With Mozzarella, Fresh Fruit, Pineapple &Yoghurt  Garlic Sauce)     (V)
Rocket, Tomato &Parmesan Salad 27.50 TL
Salad Nicoise & Tuna Fish 28.50 TL
Chicken Caesar Salad 28.50 TL
(Green Salad, Capers, Croton, Parmesan)
Quinoa Salad With Green Lentils 32.50 TL
(With Beetroot, Goat Cheese And Mediterranean Salad)         (V)


Castellano 21.50 TL
(With Mixed Grilled Vegetables And Garlic)
Fettuccini 26.50 TL
(With Anchovy, Caper And Chilli Papers)
Gnocchi 32.50 TL
(With Creamy Chicken &Broccoli)
Lasagna 34.50 TL
(Minced Beef)
Linguine 49.50 TL
(With Mixed Seafood)
Penne Arrabiata 22.50 TL
(With Dried Tomato And Chilli Tomato Sauce)
Rigatoni 42.50 TL
(With Creamy Beef & Mushroom)
Spaghetti Bolagnaise 26.50 TL
Tagliatelle 34.50 TL
(With Spinach & Salmon)
Tortellini Fourcheese 32.50 TL
(With Spinach & Tomato Sauce)                 (V)


Americano 32.50 TL
(Mozzarella, Tomato, Pepperoni, Onion & Pepper)
Caprese 21.50 TL
(Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Rocket And Pesto Sauce)
Chili Beef 39.50 TL
(Mozzarella, Tomato, Onion, Pepper & Chili)
Four Cheese Pizza 34.50 TL
(Blue Cheese, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta Cheese)
Parma Ham Pizza 39.50 TL
(Mozzarella, Rocket, Parmesan)
Pineapple 32.50 TL
(Mozzarella, Tomato, Ham & Pineapple)
Pollo 32.00 TL
(Mozzarella, Tomato, Chicken, Mushroom & Sweet Corn)
Seafood 49.50 TL
(Mozzarella, Tomato & Mixed Seafood)
Veggie 27.50 TL
(Mixed Vegetable)
Caprese 32.50 TL
(cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and pesto sauce)
Smoked Salmon 42.00 TL
(capari, rocket, red onion, cream cheese, smoked salmon)


Grilled Fillet Of Sea Bass Mediterranean 49.50 TL
(With Fresh Tomato &Garlic, Onion, Olive &Peppers)
Honey & Mustard Roasted Salmon 58.50 TL
(With Mashed Potato)
Fish & Chips 56.00 TL
(With Tartar Sauce)
Grilled Swordfish 39.50 TL
(With Garlic &Coriander Butter, Sauté Potatoes & Spinach)
Grilled Fillet Of Groupper 74.50 TL
(With Fresh Spinach & Potatoes)
Jumbo Prawn 95.00 TL
(Panfried Shrimp,Garlic Butter And Creamy Spinach)
Stuffed Calamari 49.50 TL
(Stuffed With Octopus, Shrimps And Cheese)
Pan Fried Fillet Of Red Seabream 49.50 TL
(With Butter, Garlic, Tomato And Parsley Sauce Served With Sauté Potatoes And Spinach)
Sailor’s Plate 115.00 TL
(Mixed Grilled Sea Food Plate)
Grilled Swordfish 52.50 TL
With garlic & coriander butter, saute potatoes & spinach

From Chef

Beef Kulbasti 67.50 TL
(Sliced Grilled Beef Served On  Mashed Aubergine)
Pepper Steak 72.50 TL
(Served With Jacked Potatoes And Vegetables)
Pan Fried Calves Liver 52.50 TL
(With Sauté, Onions & Mashed Potatoes)
Honey & Mustard Chicken 46.50 TL
(With Mashed Potatoes)
Grilled Chicken & Chips 35.00 TL
(Grilled Half Chicken Served With Spiced Butter)
Mix Kebap 49.50 TL
(Grilled Lamb, Chicken, Kofte Kebap Served With Pilav,Sauté Onion And Pide Bread)
Lamb Anatolian Style 64.50 TL
(Lamb Cook In Oven Served With Pilav)
Plank Steak 69.50 TL
(Grilled Fillet Steak, Served With Mustard Sauce, Finger Potatoes And Vegetables)
Steak & Mushroom 72.50 TL
(Grilled Fillet Steak With Creamy Mushroom, Served With Jacked Potatoes And Vegetables)
Steak Gorgonzola 57.50 TL
(Grilled Fillet Steak With Gorgonzola Cheese, Served With Jacked Potatoes And Vegetables)
Steak Tornado 72.50 TL
(Grilled  Fillet Steak With Béarnaise Sauce, Sauté Onion & Mushroom, Cheddar And Ham Served With Jacked Potatoes And Vegetables)
Surf & Turf 125.00 TL
(200 Gr Grilled Filet Of Beef & 3 Tiger Shrimps With Potatoes)
Chicken Schnitzel 46.50 TL
(Penne Pasta With Tomato Sauce)
Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry 59.50 TL
(Served With Veggie Chinese Noodle)
Grilled Sirloin Steak 65.00 TL
(Served On The Plank, With Mustard Sauce, Finger Potatoes And Vegetables)
Spicy Thai Curry Beef 67.50 TL
With potates and pineapple
Lamb Cage 120.00 TL
Grilled lamb cage

Kebabs Service Hours: 12:00 16:00

Grilled Chicken Kebab 29.50 TL
(With Pide, Rice & Grilled Tomato)
Grilled Lamb Kebab 34.50 TL
(With Pide, Rice & Grilled Tomato)
Grilled Meatball Kebab 29.50 TL
(With Pide, Rice & Grilled Tomato)
İskender Kebab 32.50 TL
(With Pide, Yoghurt, Butter & Tomato Sauce)
Döner Kebab & Salad 29.50 TL
(With Pide Bread & Yoghurt Sauce)
Döner Kebab & Rice 29.50 TL
(With Salad And Grilled Tomato)
Döner Kebab In Pide Bread 17.50 TL
(With Tomato, Onion And Lettuce)
Döner Kebab Wrap 17.50 TL
(With Tomato, Onion And Lettuce)


Créme Brulée 14.50 TL
New York Style Cheese Cake With Strawberries Sauce 17.00 TL
Apple Pie & Ice Cream 17.00 TL
Rice Pudding & Ice Cream 17.00 TL
Warm Brownie Pudding & Ice Cream 17.00 TL
Fresh Fruit Plate & Ice Cream 27.50 TL
Fresh Pineapple & Ice Cream 15.50 TL
Tiramisu 17.00 TL
Creme Brulee 17.00 TL
Fresh Pineapple & Ice Cream 17.00 TL
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